Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weepin' Lizards

Below is a clip of the Weepy Hillary moment. The analysis, after seeing the breakdown, is a catch-22. Either:
  1. the tears are manufactured - and there's ample evidence that they are - and that shows she's packaged to a dangerously fake level (and the packaging is strategically miscalculated)
  2. or the tears are real and that means she doesn't have the grit, guts, strength, or will to be President of the United States.
Her packaged nature is a symbol of why people hate her and especially why the press hates her. As detailed yesterday in the TNR answering why the press likes McCain (and Obama): the press like candidates who give them access.

It's not as simple as just tit-for-tat, though. Accessible candidates are honest candidates because - whether I like it or not - and I hate it - the press are MY representatives. Politicians who give reporters access show they know their responsibility to inform and their 'public-servant' role in our Democracy. Obama, McCain - and Bill Clinton we should remember - were very accessible and as a result the press loved them.

Oh, you say, didn't the press hate Clinton? Sure they did: Hillary. Not Bill. Bill shot the bull with reporters till the wee hours of the morn but Hillary would maintain the bunker-mentality, shoot on sight, 'they're all bastards' attitude that quickly turned the press into her (and by association, her husband's) enemy. And it's a terrible bind for a politician, but given the continuum of choices between access and lockdown, the press rewards access and I appreciate that... because I demand that information and candor.

Hence, Hillary's packaging. She's trying to control the media, and the perception of her, and just like her GOP clone (Romney), the press hates it and tells everyone who will listen just how bad, phony, and unacceptable that is. And I agree. Bush was packaged, Nixon was packaged, for a reason: they were evil freakin' liars who wanted to hurt as many people as possible while helping their small group of supporters. Hillary will be the same.

Her tears? I assume they're not real. It's a ploy to make us sympathetic, to gin up her base (proof: her weepin' was in front of a specially chosen group of FEMALE supporters). To show she really has great ideas for our republic and its such a (crying) shame that people are stopping her.

More proof? Note how, during her weepin', she stays to her talking points of how she's experienced and everyone else will doom our country because they won't be ready on day one.

EXCUSE ME? If she is disciplined enough to stay on message then she's disciplined enough not to cry. And this is not even taking to account, as I've said repeatedly, that the assertions are WRONG. She's weeping because bad men are stopping her from applying her experience and talent? Well, stop crying honey, you have no experience and talent, so all is well! In fact, once we're in the realm of reality, she should be reassured that by stopping her, we're actually helping everyone on earth from the two possible disasters of either Hillary as next president or the GOP. See, don't you feel better now?

And, again, if she's REALLY crying as some meatheads want to assert, then that's even better. She needs to drop out immediately because it's a tough world out there and there's no room for crying just because you lost a freakin' caucus. Grow up.

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