Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Secret Hillary Supporters

I'm finding more and more of the old-guard Democrats are supporting Hillary. One reason they do, and I don't, is they resent Obama's youth, ideas, and ability. "How dare this youngin' make me feel old and useless!" they say to themeselves, and then say to me "She has experience!"

Expereince = Age, to them.
Experience = Ability to learn from errors and change, to me.

So, as a rule of thumb, you can tell a Hillary voter by age and gender, the older and/or more estrogeny, the more they support Hillary. But they won't admit it, because it's embarrassing to support someone so terrible.

I wonder if it was the same back in '68 with Nixon... because that's what this feels like.

This morning, the bummed out feeling I have is similar to how I felt back in 2004. And I'll tell you, if its Hillary vs. McCain, with no third party choices, AND if McCain doesn't have anyone in his close brain-trust from this administraion, then I will have a hard time voting for her.

Her "weeping to victory" in New Hampshire disgusts me.

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