Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Steinem Clinton

I should talk about Gloria Steinem's disgraceful column in yesterday's Times. If she still retains the role of standard-bearer of feminism, then I am hopeful that my generation may very soon take over from hers.

Just as Obama's successes show that my generation can lead the way to put old racist bromides to bed, so Hillary & Steinem show that old-guard feminism should similarly be made obsolete.

To back a candidate JUST because of their identity - whether its backing the Jew, backing the Black, backing a Mormon - or to the opposite (voting against a candidate on the identity alone) - is stupid. People do it, but it's stupid. Yet, despite her protestations to the contrary, that's what Steinem is effectively asking people to do and what Hillary will request if she thinks it will get her more votes.

Steinem claims a woman with Obama's skill and background would never be considered a candidate. Oh really? You mean a stunningly beautiful woman who is a mesmerizing public speaker with a proven record of legislative success by uniting both parties, wouldn't be a candidate for president? Steinem is blinded by sex.

And, of course, if Hillary wasn't married to a former president, would she be a senator and presidential contender? Well, if you're like Steinem, you think that being married to power is the only way a woman ever gets power (just as old closeted gay men like Larry Craig think that sex is only possible in men's' rooms). But, Steinem should be happy that the younger generation wants women who succeed on their own merits, not from the dude they marry.

Then this stinker from Steinem:
Black men were given the vote a half-century before women of any race were allowed to mark a ballot, and generally have ascended to positions of power, from the military to the boardroom, before any women (with the possible exception of obedient family members in the latter).
Steinem argues that women are more oppressed than African Americans. Oh really?

The slave trade? Lynchings? Fire hoses? Did I say lynchings?

I haven't mentioned much about why I think Obama's win as an African-American, would be incredibly important for America, because - as I mentioned above - it's stupid to use identity to vote. However, for the sake of rebutting Steinem, I will go there. America needs, some day soon, to get over our racist past. Racism is a defining sin of America. We fought the establishment of the Constitution over it, fought the civil war over it, and continued the fight a century later with the civil rights battles (which Hillary denigrates, by the way).

Steinem and Hillary's playing of the gender card will work for soft-hearted Democrats, but it will not work in the general. Does either woman care? Probably not. Let's put these geezers back on the shelf, up their meds, and wave bye-bye.

More Ammo: People Who Agree With Me

Here's a great rebuttal by Tim Noah of Slate. And another by, I shudder to link to it, the batty Maureen Dowd. I hate to agree with her, but she hates Hillary more than I do, and she repeats many of my arguments, so she's gotta be right, no?

Postscript about the Polls

Note, I don't blame the polls. They were accurate to describe Obama's support, they were 'wrong' about Hillary but only in that the polls were taken a day or two the major "Help Me Women" things occurred.

Also, it's important to remember that New Hampshire voters are ornery about preserving their 'first in the nation status.' They were made irrelevant in 2004 when Iowa was able to coronate Kerry, I totally believe that New Hampshirerers felt that they wanted to be contrary and keep Hillary alive... just to show us they are the 'first in the nation.' Thanks guys.

And Hillary's tactics were desperate for a reason - she had just a short amount of time to convince her base to save her. And they were all calculated tricks. As I said yesterday if they weren't calculated then she's unfit for office.

Still not convinced that the crying wasn't a trick. How about, what I'm just hearing about now, that there were two hecklers at a rally on Monday who called out to her "Iron my shirts!"

Look, I hate her, but I would never think about saying that to her. Democrats are generally not presumed to be sexist... so that is a very strange thing to say to her. It's not why people hate her. It's what Hillary and the odious Mark Penn want to make people say so they can design her as a victim. How much to want to bet that those hecklers were plants? It's not like she doesn't plant questions...

Postscript about Bill Clinton

I liked him as president. I stood by him when we was mercilessly attacked by Newt Gingrich and his Gang of Hypocritical Adulterers. But his attacks against Obama hurt the party and show him to be a slimeball buffoon. Shame on him.

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