Thursday, August 29, 2013

Iran, Israel, and Syria

According to the Times of Israel: Iran Revolutionary Guards chief: Israel will be destroyed if Syria is attacked. As far as I can see, this teaches us that: (1) Iran loves/supports the Assad regime, (2) Iran intends to destroy Israel (3) for no logical reason. Yet it is still debated in the Western world that Iran is not a crazy rogue threat that will teeter the world on the edge if they get nukes.

What am I missing here? Generally, I see things very differently from people, but I still need to ask that question when the stakes are high.

Now, I know that I can't change the minds of Europeans, whose antisemitism runs deeper and older than American's anti-Black racism. Europe just hates the Jews and always will, apparently. I guess I'm addressing myself to my fellow Jews. Jagoffs like Beinart, and his fellow-travelers on the American left (not to mention the crazy Israeli Left). What do you say about these things?