Friday, January 30, 2004

Let Me Get This Straight

Evidently, Richard Perle (a member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board) gave a speech to beneit a charity that is a front organization supported by Saddam Hussein.

Considering that Perle and cronies were the ones to manufacture Saddam's threat to the U.S., you'd think he'd know which organizations were still loyal to him.


Penguin Alert 2

Penguin Ball: Turbo!

Penguin Lovers Beware!

A cruel game is afoot.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Dime?

The Reaganistas are at it again; this time to replace the face of the dime from FDR to Reagan. I'm not sure what the thinking is: the most obvious reason is that Reagan is the anti-FDR and/or Reagan's legacy is reflected by a cheap coin.

Look. We have these presidents on these coins:
  • PENNY = Lincoln (Republican)
  • NICKEL = Jefferson (Democrat-Republican)
  • DIME = FDR (Democrat)
  • QUARTER = Washington (Federalist)
  • HALF-DOLLAR = JFK (Democrat)
  • DOLLAR = Eisenhower (Republican)
That's a breakdown of:
  • Democrats: 2.5
  • Republicans: 2.5
  • Federalists: 1
What we *need* is not another Republican (which would upset this tight balance), but, if anything, a Whig. Tyler should work. And put him on the nickel, so we keep parity.

FDR should have the dime because he is associated with that currency, more than any other of the current hosts are associated with theirs and, to be honest, any other president can be associated with any of the currencies. The dime is associated with FDR because he began, in 1938, "The March of Dimes" to combat polio (from which he suffered). They don't like this whole thing one bit.

Polio crippled FDR but rose above that to become the most popular president since, well, since his other currency predecessors (Mr. Penny, Nickel, and Quarter). Polio is part of the FDR biography and the disease is almost wiped out.

Maybe if the "March of Nickels" were started to eradicate Alzheimer's - of which Regan is as much of a poster child as FDR is for polio - then we can kick ol' Jeffy out.

Moreover, Ike is on the dollar. Why?! Even then, Ike is a thinking man's Reagan (both genial grandpas; Ike was president in the 50s, Regan thought it still was the 50s; both conservative icons) - Ike was President of Columbia University after he left being Supreme Commander of the Entire Planet. I don't see Reagan filling the 'college president' mold (or supreme commander, now that we mention it).

If the Reaganistas want RR to be on a coin, replace Ike.

P.S. After looking at the mint page, I see that Ike is no longer on the Dollar (he was 'til 1978 when Carter got weirded-up and put Susan B. Anthony on there; now the only dollar in circulation is the Sacagawea golden-dollar. So put RR on the dollar; be my guest).

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

An Obituary (official!) for Mikey

Obituary: Frank Michael Butler: "Battle against cystic fibrosis was an inspiration"

Barukh Dayan ha-Emet: Mikey Butler a'h

Mikey Butler, Refael Michael Yitzchok ben Nechama Sarah, 1979-2004

Mikey died Monday morning. He was one of the bravest men I have ever met. He was a tzadik; one of my role models for what a tzadik should be. His knowledge that he was dying - in front of your eyes, even - never reduced his overwhelming simcha and love for others. He was, is, a hero of mine and his death is shattering.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Fear and Loathing 2004

One of the best books on modern U.S. politics is by my man, Hunter Thompson; Fear and Loathing : On the Campaign Trail 72.

Just looking at the current primary season, (for value reporting, check out Dave), we are in 1972 all over again.

First of all, Bush II is actually Nixon II. The same ideological nihilism, the same craven greed, the same smallness of humanity. Nixon managed to bully and cheat out the best Democrats in '72. Bush (and DeLay) are doing the same thing. But while Nixon actually had intelligence and talent, as well as a Democratic congress to harry him, Bush is a mental midget with both houses of Congress and, de-facto, the Supreme Court.

I think the current situation will make more sense for everybody when we realize that Bush is Nixon and this is 1972 and that we need to be very vigilant that Bush doesn't tricky-dicky the country straight out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Vacation Ends

We was on vacation for a few days and, now that I'm back, I have a mound of things that has expanded to fill my desk. In that light, I want to recommend one of my favorite games *EVER* Kingmaker: Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Kingmaker