Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Poodle Hat

No question, I have not outgrown my supernerd upbringing. There's a new(ish) Weird Al Yankovic album out. I am proud of my heritage! Because he parodies the most catchy of the modern songs, I can listen to the enjoyable music but actually have intelligent lyrics (e.g. instead of Eminem's foulness, we get "Couch Potato."

Speaking of Eminem: the guy is such a macho tough-guy that he refused to let Weird Al make a parody video. Someone should tell Mr. M that machoness is synonymous with *high* self esteem.

For you who are brave enough to embrace your inner (outer) Nerd, please purchase the album (or download it, whatever) and listen to his on-spot homages/spoofs to/of Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa (in "Bob" and the superlative "Genius in France" respectively).

As Al says, "Sign my poodle, s'il vous plait"

Monday, July 28, 2003

Bob Hope, 100

Bob Hope has died. I could make a "Road to" joke here, but I won't.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Best Argument for Iraq

As usual, Joshua Micah Marshall, from a July 22 post has managed to give a balanced anaylsis of our Iraq situation. While he has been a vocal critic of the government's reasoning and behavior, he give the neo-cons in the kitchen cabinet credit for pursuing the war in Iraq for positive ideological reasons.

That is, instead of claiming that we're in Iraq so that the Bushies could win 2002 & 2004 (which is so obvious that it's not even considered a problem - just being a politician means that you will start foreign entanglements to be re-elected; it's so much part and parcel of politics that it carries no more shame than being a politician itself) he brings some nuance.

Here's Marshall's analysis of the war reasoning:
"But over time after 9/11 one overriding theory of the war did take shape: it was to get America irrevocably on the ground in the center of the Middle East (thus fundamentally reordering the strategic balance in the region), bring to a head the country's simmering conflict with its enemies in the region, and kick off a democratic transformation of the region which would over time dissipate the root causes of anti-American terrorism and violence: autocracy, poverty and fanaticism."
Alas, Marshall overlooks the main reasoning: (a) Bush is a younger and less-accomplished Ronald Reagan, (b) like Reagan, Bush Jr. needs an issue to paint the world black & white, (c) Communism has been succeeded by International Islam as the newest world threat.

We needed to attack Iraq because Bush needed a cause to give gravitas to his otherwise aimless and worthless presidency. Before 9/11 what did Bush stand for? "Not being Clinton." And, honestly, except for the sex, what has Bush done different from Clinton? His administration has been even more underhanded with the truth and we don't even have prosperity to cushion the blow! He has driven our country into an economic free-fall, like his daddy, and has tried to inject right-wing extremists into the judiciary.

Despite the recent destruction of Yogi and Boo-Boo Hussein (whatever their names are), we still have not been able to establish why we attacked Iraq. As Krugman said yesterday:
"By cooking intelligence to promote a war that wasn't urgent, the administration has squandered our military strength. This provides a lot of aid and comfort to Osama bin Laden — who really did attack America — and Kim Jong Il — who really is building nukes."
We must demand accountability from our (ostensibly) elected leaders. At least treat Bush Jr. with the same respect and honor that we gave his predecessor.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

We Got 'em!

Well, we finally found and killed Saddam's two sons. Even though there's the ironic element (Saddam tried to kill Bush's father, Bush killed his sons), we have finally seen a real result of the war.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Fast of Tammuz

The preceding dark views are courtesy of the seventeenth of Tammuz.


According to the NYTimes, we are considering having year-long tours for the military in Iraq. Someone should explain to Bush that while he was drinking heavily and flying National Guard jets, the rest of the country was shooting itself in the foot over Vietnam.

The President Lied??!

I can't believe that this is a doubt in anyone's mind. The President needs to actually know what he's saying to be called a liar. Give the guy a break, plunging the country into war on false premises against nearly universal international opposition isn't nearly as bad as what Clinton did. If you recall, Clinton was almost impeached for lying about a heinous act of taste. It's not the same thing, people! You need to be blind and stupid to consider Bush Inc. as bad as Clinton.

Now, had we happened to find a scrap of WMD, or weren't getting our pasty white rumps kicked every single day in Iraq, then maybe we'd cut Bush some slack. As it is, we have descended into

I was all for the war in Iraq. But not for any of the Bush reasons. And good thing too. I supported taking out a tyrant and for showing the world that the U.S. was as crazy as Israel (meaning that just as Israel will go into any place on the world, kick A and take names, so now America will too). Bush was for the war so he could look like a chief executive and not as a plundering, retrogressive misanthrope.

Maybe the tanking economy, the grotesque deficit, the abandoning of the State governments, and now the idiocy of our Iraq policy will show Americans that we need to kick these bums out.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Man Shoots 5 Co-Workers, then Himself

Maybe in Mississippi they don't look askance when someone repeatedly claims that they want to come in and shoot up their coworkers. Repeatedly. Yay for gun ownership! NYTimes story here.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Barry White, 58

What's with all my men dying?!?

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Buddy Hackett, 78

Buddy Hackett died. He is one of those comedians that I've always heard was very funny - and whatever material I've read from him confirms that - but I never experienced him in the ways I should. We was supposed to be very dirty (and hence, very funny) and garnered respect from the right people (e.g. my father, Al Franken's father). What a few weeks - Gregory Peck, Leon Uris, Katherine Hepburn, and now Hackett.