Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Oniono-Simpson Nexus

Further proof about my claim, made here, about the current humor landscape, this Onion story shows that it is a child of the Simpsons:
Carter Blasts Bush's Foreign Policy

In an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, former President Jimmy Carter referred to the Bush administration's foreign policy as the "worst in history." What do you think?

Ty Burton, Printmaker

"International relations? I have said this before about Carter, and I will say it again: nerd."
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Proof the Onion is Written by Me and My Brother

My brother and I, both born in the very early 70s, have known for a while that the major humor outlets of today - The Simpsons, The Daily Show and The Onion - are all written by our contemporaries/clones. Just like when the Baby Boomers dominated culture for decades - bequeathing us narcissitic neo-Hippie trash for years - now it's my generations' time (thus giving lightning rounds of pop-culture irony). The following Onion story is the final proof I need to show that, indeed, the Onion has been unwittingly albeit happily written by the two of us:

Iran, U.S. Hold Bilateral Talks
The United States and Iran held their first formal talks in 27 years in order to discuss the security of Iraq. What do you think?

Meg Stainer,
Road Construction Worker
"Sky-high gas prices, meeting with Iran, Jimmy Carter in the news, it feels great to be 9 years old again."

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