Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama Veep, part 2

To fill out more of the analysis from before, I suggested these names: Chris Dodd, Evan Bayh, Chuck Robb, Bill Bradley, Lincoln Chafee.

Two more issues. 1. It depends if Obama needs to tack left or jog right. If left, then he will choose (the likes of) Dodd or Bradley. If right then Bayh, Robb, Chafee, Breaux, etc. And if he wants the best ticket of all, he should choose Dale Bumpers. Who could resist "Obama-Bumpers '08!"

2. If Obama gets enough political capital, then he may not need to choose a white-male, he could choose a white-female. I wrote notes for that idea before the NH primary results, and it was based on a Obama victory (i.e. his capital being high). Now I want him to do it just to stick it to Hillary. Grrr.

I'll find a list of possible women soon.

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