Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jack Kemp Dies, 73

Jack Kemp died last night from cancer at 73. I actually liked him; he was the real deal. I guess because he and I are both upstate New Yorkers. But he's a vanished breed - a non-racist, moderate Republican politician. I have long said that the 1996 Election was one of the only ones in my lifetime where I could have lived with either choice (as opposed to, lets say, 1988 which was a disaster every-which-way). In fact, it could have been a Kemp v. Gore battle in 1988 which I would have liked very much (despite that I was 2 years away from voting age). Ah well.

State of the Parties

Soon may be the day when the largest party affiliation will be no party:

h.t. to Sullivan for the chart