Monday, January 07, 2008

Huffpo and More Hillary Myths

Two things from this widely linked article from the Huffington Post: "Shaken Clinton Camp Prepares For Trench Warfare After NH"

1. Yet another pundit uses the 1984 election as a model for Hillary vs. Obama. Hey, wait a tic, didn't i say that a few weeks ago? Heh heh

2. As the headline suggests, the Clinton camp is 'shaken.' There are two particular incidents in public eye that suggest the shaking and a lot of background murmurs. The two incidents were (a) Hillary getting all bug-eyed and angry at the Saturday night NH debate, when she defended her record of experience and change; (b) a bizarre account that she got all teary-eyed expressing her frustration that people don't see that she is all experienced.

OK, let's get one thing straight: Hillary has NO EXPERIENCE. Seriously, this is a persistent myth. Whenever Hillary supporters whine that she's been attacked in the press, they are overlooking that the press has given her a TOTAL WALK about her claims of 'experience.' Yeesh.

So what that leaves her with is her 'reputation' (or at least claims) that she will be a fierce fighter against the GOP smear machine (implying that Obama is a wusssy smiley dude who doesn't have the fire to fight back).

That particular claim is being destroyed right before our eyes... she lost ONE caucus. That's it. And even then she got 30% of the votes, not too shabby. Yet here she is whining like a stuck pig about how unfair it is. Waaah waah waah. This is the fighter? She can't even defend herself from a non-attacking smiley dude and she expects us to believe she can defend against Rove?!

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