Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Queen Beatrix Abdicates in the Netherlands

I just want to take a moment to note how ridiculous it is that the Dutch even have a monarchy. Seriously, how crazy is that?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Headline Trouble

According to the The Canadian Jewish News: Montreal Orthodox shul hires first female clergy.

This is big news, you might think. To explain the headline trouble, let's deal with the cast of characters:

Female Clergy: a graduate of Rabbi Avi Weiss's Yeshivat Maharat.
Orthodox Shul: Shaar Hashomayim, whose rabbi, Adam Scheier, is a graudate of Avi Weiss's Yeshivat Choveivei Torah.

So, more accurate headline: "Avi Weiss graduate hires Avi Weiss graduate." And, if my back of the envelope calculations are correct, I'd say over 80% of his graduates are hired by his own institutions.


More Proof that Belichek is the Devil

As I heard about the Vikings to New England trade last night, I emitted an expletive and wondered aloud, how did Belichek manage to make this trade, in this year of all years when EVERYONE wanted to make a trade down. And they were at 29! I used to think BB just cheated (as had been documented on videotape), but now I realize that he is, in fact, Mephistopheles. Well, at least that's settled. Here's Grantland with the details (and an echo of my sentiments):
Minnesota acquires the 29th overall pick from New England for the 52nd, 83rd, 102nd, and 229th picks.
Quantitative winner: New England (59.5 percent more in return)
Real-life winner: New England

Note the dramatic gulf between what Stuart's model thought of the difference in value across the first four trades and what it thought of this one. The Patriots, simply put, took the Vikings to the cleaners. It's incredible that Bill Belichick seems to pull this off every year, but it's even more impressive in this draft.
Smell the brimstone fella, it's Belichek.

1913 Nickel Fetches Over $3.1M At Auction

Aside from the irony that five cents equals 3 million dollars (an interesting metaphysical question), I need to wonder yet again, how many people have devastatingly misplaced priorities. Yeah, the charitable amongst y'all could say that the dupes who overpaid by ten to the 6th are actually paying for HISTORY. And, as a traditional Jew, I can appreciate the value of history. But it's a nickel.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Broyde Scandal

I really really hope Rabbi Michael Broyde can clear up the questions about his behavior, and possible fraud. But it's getting very hard to understand the level of damning evidence, as seen in yesterday's investigation by Steven I. Weiss of the Jewish Channel. I do believe, like Rubashkin, the enemies of Broyde are also my enemies. But I also cannot defend criminality. Broyde should come clean, and quick. It's in his power to clear up the allegations. His has been the greatest voice for halakhicly sound Modern Orthodoxy and it pains me greatly that I may need to toss out everything he's written. Gevalt!

How to avoid scandal: A guide for rabbis

Ya know, this is pretty good:The Rebbetzin's Husband: How to avoid scandal: A guide for rabbis

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Lesson as to Why Israel is Becoming a Pariah State

Evidently their foreign ministry can go on strike! WTF?!: "Israeli diplomacy in disarray as Foreign Ministry strike looms" Did you know: "For the past month, officials not sending out diplomatic cables, emails" The foreign ministry of Israel has been catastrophic, near suicidally bad, under Avigdor "Boom Boom" Lieberman. How is this even possible? (via The Times of Israel)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Muslims foil terror plot in Canada

I really hope this is true, but it seems that the recent terror cell squashed in Canada was undone by the Muslim community there. I hope this is a growing trend, both because it will help keep us safe, and because it's the Muslim's only hope to not be treated like the American Communists (who were infiltrated and neutralized), or worse, like the American Japanese during WWII. More on this later. P.S. see the story in the above link; it appears that the RCMP don't always wear Dudley Do-Right uniforms! Who knew?

More Fat News (Video)

Fat can be good? Yes!

Churnalism Detector

This is awesome! Via Rebecca J. Rosen at The Atlantic: Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here's a Tool to Help You Find Out Simply put, this should help show how lazy journalists are. Hoorah.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mass. police: Bomb suspects didn't have gun permit

Hey guess what: the Marathon Bomb suspects didn't have gun permit. And yet they were able to have lots and lots of guns. My reaction:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Styx Rule #3

I'm starting to number my rules. This is #3: There are always warning signs: Russian officials had asked about older bombing suspect - Metro - The Boston Globe

Friday, April 19, 2013

Arkansas state senator Nate Bell

Related to my recent post, here's a jack-hole gun-slobberer who mocks Boston because, evidently, his love of guns is either (a) motivated by hate for people he doesn't understand, or (b) inherent emotional weakness. I vote both: How many Bostonians are telling Arkansas state senator Nate Bell he's an idiot?

One Question for the NRA and their Congressional Stooges

How and where did the marathon bombers get their rifles?

Crisis in the Age of Twitter

This is the downside: " Boston Police Dept.#MediaAlert: WARNING: Do Not Compromise Officer Safety by Broadcasting Tactical Positions of Homes Being Searched.
8:52 AM - 19 Apr 2013"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Police officer fired for Trayvon Martin shooting target

As I've said before, the Trayvon Martin case exposes the odious racism still clear and present in our society. And, if you ask any African-American, they'll say the police are quite racist. This recent insane case just supports this view: Police officer fired for Trayvon Martin shooting target (Orlando Sentinel). And this fact shows how it's more than just cops: "The Trayvon target, which features a bull's eye over his heart, a package of Skittles in his pocket and a beverage can in his right hand, is sold online." Sick.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jonathan Winters, Comedian, Dies at 87

One of the greats dies: Jonathan Winters, Comedian, Dies at 87. He was more of a muse, in my estimation, than actually funny. Much like Lenny Bruce, he had his moments of hilarity, but his importance is in his legacy.