Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Need a New Excuse

The Washington Post had a story last week about a bunch of veterans who were tasked with the Top Secret task of interrogating Nazis. And, no, they didn't torture.

Didn't torture Nazis? Didn't they realize they were in a war? Against Nazis?? Well, sure, they knew that. But it appears they didn't torture for two important reasons:

  1. Torture is morally wrong (and especially when torture is the hallmark of your enemy... how can you use their hated tool?)

  2. Torture DOES NOT WORK.
Here's the facts: the president has authorized torture. And against people who have largely turned out innocent. Congress seems to know that this is happening. Yet, the American people, so far, have not erupted in outrage. It looks like the President will not be impeached.

Here's the problem: HOW??!? I thought the American people have tacitly accepted torture because we were attacked on 9/11, so that allows the president to do whatever he durn well pleases to anyone he wants. Kill, torture, rape innocent people - why not? - because we were attacked. Wah wah, poor us.

Yet we were attacked in WWII, too. Remember Pearl Harbor, day live in infamy, ring a bell? No? It was like 9/11. No? It was a big deal, believe me. Anyway, we didn't turn into rabid, stupid monsters back then... so why now?

We need a new excuse.

P.S. Next time some moron says that great people don't make history, remember the difference between FDR and GWB.

{2009 Update: Great pic of the Torture Statue of Liberty from here.}


Mark Ketchum said...

You are the worst sort of blogger... you have convuluted fact. You say that these veterans didn't torture... how do you know? Because they said? We say that now... but you choose to believe one group, but not another. Every one tortures, it is not morally wrong... abortion is morally wrong, but I will bet you are pro-choice. Killing a baby is OK, but causing a little pain to save lives is wrong... LOL.
10 years from now, President Bush will be hailed as a great man... just like Reagan, Lincoln, and the rest of the President's who didn't listen to popular opinion and did what was right.
And then you type, "so that allows the president to do whatever he durn well pleases to anyone he wants. Kill, torture, rape innocent people - why not?" Where does he find the time to do all this? Who is he raping? Who is he torturing? I think you are talking about regular joe smoes who have been brought up on charges because we don't tolerate this... you are a Bush hater and will say just about any nonsense. I hate Clinton and thik he was a horrible President, but I wouldn't stoop to your level of accusations. And yes, we did turn into rabid monsters relating to Pearl Harbor... remember the bomb? We killed millions of innocents. But you think that was OK compared to what Bush is doing? You are now an official idiot.

JC said...

Hi Mark,

When you say that I am "the worst sort of blogger" you hurt my feelings. I am now crying. Have you no compassion? I work so hard on this blog and you heartlessly criticize me without recognizing that bloggers are people too. I just want what you want out of life: to think that I am always right. Is that so wrong? By definition, no.

P.S. If you are actually Ann Coulter, you may not want to read what I say about you because then *you* may cry... and I don't want that.