Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Comedy Point

I try to study the nature of comedy (why? funny you should ask...). Not only have I been listening to comedy albums for 20 hours a day every day this week, but I read comedy books to relax. I have wondered, scientifically and psychologically, whether there are certain concepts that are inherently funny, such that you can use one of these concepts in a live and get a guaranteed laugh.

I remember a Dilbert comic strip that dealt with this concept. In quick Google search I came across, surprise surprise, a Wiki article on this topic! Topic: "Inherently Funny Word."

According to the Wiki, the Dilbert was 12-21-1989 and the words are: "chainsaw, weasel, prune, and any reference to Gilligan's Island."

My list?
  1. Monkeys
  2. Clowns (not an actual clown - which are just creepy - but the concept of a clown)
  3. Animals doing human things
  4. Cheese
As such, one of the funniest images should be: "a monkey in a clown suit eating cheese."

Hee hee hee.

Update: For proof of part of my point, see the most recent Onion's "What do you think?" column (the third joke).

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Special Ed said...

ur forgot farting...that and al scatological references are always funny.