Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun: Nickname Generators

There's a whole list of processes to make up a trade name. Here's the list that I know of so far. The first part of the list I got from a Palm Pilot program ("Sticks and Stones"). You enter in this info:
  1. First/Forename (FIRST)
  2. Middle Name (MIDDLE)
  3. Last/Surname (LAST)
  4. Mother's Maiden Name (MAID)
  5. First pet's name (PET)
  6. Favorite animal (ANIMAL)
  7. Town of birth (TOWN)
  8. Street/Area Name (STREET)
Conclusions from the above data:
  1. Star Wars Name = First syllable of (LAST + FIRST + MAID + TOWN)
  2. Burlesque Name = PET + MAID
  3. Soap Opera Name = MIDDLE + STREET
  4. Drag Queen Name = ANIMAL + MAID
Here are some other 'nickname' options that I've heard about. I'm not sure what the existing formulas are:
  1. Gangsta name (e.g. DJ Styxz)
  2. Pirate Name (e.g. Styxbeard)
  3. (Secret) Indian name (e.g. Dances with Noodles)
Suggestions for formulas, or other categories, are welcome.

Pic from here. Backpost finished 2009-11-26.

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