Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore, Baby

Al Gore and bunch of UN things won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

A number of thoughts:

1. It's always good when the Peace Prize goes for something that's not directly antagonistic to Israel

2. It's nice to see that the American President-Elected who got the prize isn't a schmuck.

3. It's nice to see when the Nobel Peace Prize goes for something that actually helps people (like last year's as well).

4. While one could think, "hey maybe an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize in one year is worth not being [acknowledged as] President," just recall that the past 7 years have been one of bloodshed, torture and impoverishment and that a Gore-Lieberman Administration certainly would not have jackrabbited into the Iraq War, would probably have prevented 9/11, would have had a working FEMA to help with Katrina (and probably would have shored up the levees), wouldn't have bankrupted the country with misbegotten economic plans, etc. And since Gore is a decent human being, he would have wanted to be president to prevent the horrible Bush stuff, even if he didn't get to proactively do anything good.

5. Moreover, after he stepped down in 2009, Gore would have gone on to do important work - possibly on Global Warming (if he wasn't successful in tackling it as President) - and would have won a Nobel in 2016 or so.

6. Will he run for president now? I still think not (again, his Taco Grande belly is the best barometer, as it were, than his many prizes). What he can do is tilt the balance to either Hillary or Obama.

{2009 Update: Pic from here.}


Mark Ketchum said...

1. I agree with you on this one.
2. He wasn't elected, get over it.
3. How did he help people? He made a movie about global warming, jetted around in his emission hog, and went home to his CO2 factory of a house.
4. They would have probably prevented 9/11? How? And where do you get your facts about "bakrupted the country with misbegotten economic plans"? We have the lowest deficit and the best economy in decades. Where do you get your facts?
5. Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. Nobody has won that was worth anything... Carter? Worst President ever... Gore? See #2.
6. Pray that Obama wins... Hillary will ruin this country with baby bonds and universal health care. Canada and Cuba are good examples of what not to do.

JC said...

Hi Mark, welcome to the Styx.

1. Thanks
2. He was elected. Won't get over it. Sorry, dude.
3. Gore raised consciousness about Global Warming - which threatens the planet - and may get the US Government to actually help stop the trend. I call that good.
4a. Read the 9/11 Report.
4b. I make my facts up, doesn't everyone?
5. I agree with you.
6. I do pray that Obama wins, actually, although I am partial to Edwards.