Wednesday, October 10, 2007

America, Land of the Free, Home of the School Shootings

It appears schoolkids are rapidly overtaking postal workers as those Most Likely to Open Fire. Today, a "gunman" - wait, does 14 years old make you a gun-man? this should read "gun-boy" - opened fire in his Cleveland school, wounding a bunch of people before he was killed, either by himself or by police.

The NYTimes reports:
'The student had two guns, one in each hand, and fired them both while walking down the hallway,' Channel 19 reported. 'Three people have been shot — including two teachers.'
We need to thank my man, John Woo, for popularizing the two-gun style of mayhem... because it looks cool (and thus attracts these miscreants) but Thank God you can't hit a blessed thing that way. Whew.

{2009 Update: pic from here.}

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