Friday, October 19, 2007

WAHOO! Entire Daily Show Archives Online

Ahem. I repeat: WAHOO! The Times is reporting that Viacom has decided to put the entire 10+ year, 13000 episode, archives of the Daily Show online!

I consider this a victory for Youtube. Ya see, the first thing that happened when Google bought Youtube was for Viacom to forbid any of the Daily Show clips to be shown. This was a huge let-down for anybody who spoke English and owned a computer. The Daily Show is like the official underground newspaper of the U.S.

While the Mainstream Media has been prostituting themselves to this corrupt administration - or just lying down on the job - the Daily Show has actually been reporting the important news. And the combination of the formerly free Youtube access plus the fact that the old Comedy Central Daily Show archives sucked made this move necessary and important. Wow, some good news and so early in the day.

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