Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pengu Competition!

Pengu competition, contenders submitted by reader codename "Shanna":

Bronze Medal (old: 75.8) new: 69.9

Copper Medal (old: 207.1) new: 207.9

However, since yesterday's posting, there have been new awards by The Styx:

New Bronze (old, by Shanna, 69.9) new by Styx: 65.4

Gold Medal: (Old, by Styx, 189.7) New, by Styx: 188.9

The Games Continue! Contribute your awards.
Bronze (short bounce) 65.4 [Styx]
Copper (long dart) 207.9 [Shanna]
Silver (long bounce) 323.5 [Styx]
Gold (short dart) 188.9 [Styx]

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