Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Obama Inherited Afghanistan

The left-wingers are angry about Obama's actions vis-a-vis Afghanistan (in general they seem angry because only now did they discover he lacked supernatural powers to change everything instantly). I don't understand the resistance to Obama's way of waging wars that he inherited. Anybody who says that 'he owns them now' is being idiotic. Only if he sharply changes the mission of the wars, and in a way that is more destructive/aggressive, will he own the wars.

An example: Did Clinton 'own' or 'inherit' the Korean War? That war ain't over - the North Koreans would gladly swoop down and swallow South Korea at any moment. It's only the massed troops (and landmines) on the 38th parallel that keeps that from happening. But that's an inherited condition. If Clinton/Bush/Obama were to take the South Korean/US troops and attack North Korea then maybe I'd say that president 'owns' the war - but even then, not fully, because that was the aim of the war in the first place.

Obama doesn't own Iraq and Afghanistan - these are two botched wars, the first because of criminal-lies and the second because of criminal-negligence. He needs to find some way to salvage them - not just 'remove the troops' because, as a result of the botching, if we leave we'll have a power vacuum in the Mideast that will be quite dangerous for the world.

As far as I have learned destabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan in turn emboldened Iran and other terror sponsors. That's why the botch was so evil and criminal (and why Cheney should be incarcerated not lauded on TV shows) - because it created a worse mess than would have been around had we done nothing.

Bottom line: Obama is trying to repair damage that he inherited. Anyone says he 'owns' the wars (or the recession, off topic) will get a Twitter Tax.

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