Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pengu Awards

Yes, yes, Pengu is disturbing because it appears that the masochistic penguin *likes* being swatted hundreds of yards downfield by a Yeti with an ice Louisville Slugger. But, hey, for all I know penguins do enjoy such delights - even if it results in landing snout deep in the tundra. But for those of you who enjoy virtual sports and have few PETA qualms, here are the 4 Trophies/Titles to compete for. I will accept competing scores to my own with a valid screenshot. Those who photoshop these for their own advantage will be exposed eventually through DNA evidence.

Terminology: Pengu, once successfully swatted, will soar through the air and either bounce off the pitch or lawn-dart into the snow. It all depends on the angle of impact and thousands of calculations involving liquid-Quantum-Electrodymics, multi-linear regression equasions, and penguin physics. Bouncing pengus give either the longest distance or the shortest and both are award-worthy. No bounce/Lawn Dart Pengus are harder to achieve and the range difference between the longest and shortest is smaller - and both are award worthy. The following four awards are in increasing order of difficulty:

4. Bronze Medal: Shortest "Bounce"
3. Copper Medal: Longest "Lawn Dart"
2. Silver Medal: Longest "Bounce"
1. Gold Medal: Shortest "Lawn Dart"

Current Styx Record Holders

4. Bronze Medal: Shortest "Bounce": 75.8

3. Copper Medal: Longest "Lawn Dart": 207.1

2. Silver Medal: Longest "Bounce": 323.5

1. Gold Medal: Shortest "Lawn Dart:"189.7

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