Friday, December 11, 2009

Bert and Ernie

This Citizen Dog emphasizes a point I've made on other occasions, that Bert and Ernie are are archetypes - which is why they're on an educational show aimed at children. They exemplify personality types, just like Oscar as the child "grouch" (similar to Charles Schulz's Lucy), Grover as the earnest self-assured klutz, Big Bird as the mistake-ridden, invisible friend having, insecure klutz; Telly Monster as the worrywart; Elmo as the annoying late addition who angers GenXers who pre-dated him, Cookie Monster as the fat kid (and/or personal hero of millions), and Herry Monster as the, uh, hairy kid.

They are also brothers. I emphasize this first of all to work against the perverted/pedophilic drive to call them gay. I always thought they were brothers because they acted exactly like me and my brother. I was Ernie, if that's any surprise.

I see it with my two boys as well; and as Citizen Dog shows, it's a common life and comedic pairing.

Second pic from here.

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