Thursday, December 03, 2009

Blogpocalypse 2

As mentioned here, many of you reader(s) may be worried that this is the blogpocalypse because I'm posting so much. The main reasons for the current torrent:
  1. A better system of dealing with backposts (as reported here)

  2. I got a new laptop which is lighter and easier to use than my previous steam-powered, concrete-shale alloy comprised one. True, this new computer moos (to paraphrase my wife) often - i.e. the fan runs loud and at inexplicable moments, but it has made blogging easy from many locations.

  3. It's final paper season and I always write more when I'm procrastinating.

  4. But the most important reason, at least for the output since Tuesday, is that I've had a renewed back blowout (last one was from April 2009). This one is a bit milder than the last, but it came on suddenly, yet can be traced to a full afternoon of wrangling jota minuscula. He's feisty, cute and hell on my back. Don't tell him though. Already my boys know to say, when looking to stall at bedtime, "Mommy, my back hurts" - just like Daddy did from his Daddy before him. This is Jewish-kvetchy pride at its most poignant.
Pic made by me referencing my favorite line from a pretty good film, Terminator 3, pic from here.

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