Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Watchman Movie

So, the Watchman movie is finally going to come out (in March). I am not happy about this - the Watchman is probably the finest example of the comic book medium. By that I mean that the book tells a rich, deep, intelligent, and important story in a manner that is not only best done by a comic book, but that could only be appreciated as a comic book.

Those who've read the book will know what I mean. The visual accuracy of the book, where a precise visual on an early page will be echoed on a later page - and the echo is intentional and must be understood in that way. This precision cannot be done with picture-less text and will be almost impossible to do as a movie.

The only way to accomplish what needs to be done with the Watchman would be an HBO Wire/Sopranos multi-episode no-commercial non-stop week-by-week way. And even then, it'd be folly.

Oh well, like with Batman - a character I love and identify with - the pooch-screwing the Watchman (and my man Rorschach) will get in the movies can be remedied in the same way: just deny their existence.

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