Sunday, February 01, 2009


I had multiple heart-attacks during this game, which was one of the most exciting I've seen. Ever.

We (yes we) are the Superbowl champs; 6 wins, baby. All we need is for 'Frisco to get to the Superbowl, and lose, for the Steelers to be the very best (ya see, 49ers are undefeated in 'bowls, but have fewer wins).

My brother, my wife and I watched the last quarter together (there was a lot of shuffling from place-to-place before that because of kids and such) and it was thrilling. We called my parents after the game and I thanked my father for getting me hooked on the Steelers back in the 70s. It's nice to be - legitimately, through thick and thin - a fan of such a storied history.

True story: I missed the 100 yard interception touchdown because I was with my wife putting my kids to bed...

Update:John Cole, of Balloon-Juice, a rabid Stillers fan, echoes my feelings to a T. The Cardinals were a tough, good team. And this was a stressful game... but when you win it, it turns the triumph into something that much sweeter (much like life).

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