Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 200th Abe!

Happy 200th Birthday to hizzoner Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is not only an honorary Jew, more specifically he's an honorary rabbi (being a tzaddik and one of the chasidei umot olam qualifies you for smicha)

So Happy Birthday Hanasi Hagaon Rav Avraham ben Rav Teomim.*

(Name notes: Abraham = Avraham, that's pretty simple. His father was Thomas Lincoln, and according to the Wiki, Thomas is a Greek form of the Aramaic word for twin which is often transliterated 'Teomim' - which is also a well-known Rabbinic name (e.g. the Pri Megadim was Yosef ben Meir Teomim.)

(Pic is self-made, Abe's head pasted on another great Abe: Rav Kook).

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