Monday, February 09, 2009

Tu B'Shvat Today!

And... who cares?

Well, we did get to zap long tachanun, so that was nice.

But the way that a tax-date, relevant only for determining tithe volume, has become a post-modern holiday of freakish Kaba-Babblism, Zionist posturing, and/or queer eco-fruitiness is a bit frustrating to we religious pluralists. Hug a tree on your own time, hippies! Leave my municipal tax deadlines alone!


shanna said...

Ah! But you didn't see my kids toddling down the block on Monday saying "Happy Birthday, Tree!" to every tree they passed. Obviously that would have changed your whole opinion on this matter. :)

JC said...

No doubt, no doubt. My kids were supposed to dress up as trees, leaves, or flowers for school. But this reminds me of a great story which I will need to put up in the main.