Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anita Hill at Brandeis

I had no idea that *the* Anita Hill is a professor at Brandeis. Her title is "Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's Studies" at the Heller School of Social Policy. I found out that the person with that name was the The was from a lecture I attended this afternoon about gender in end of life issues. The keynote speaker, Susan M. Wolf (U. of Minn.), was a law school classmate of Hill so Hill gave the introduction.



I mentioned this cool fact to two of my colleagues (who are 10-12 years younger than I) and they did not know who she was. Besides making me feel real old, I think I should explain why she's so significant (to me and to others): Hill is, to me, the Rosa Parks of practical gender civil rights in the workplace. Through an act of courageous, and humiliating, self-sacrifice Hill confronted her tormentor and this action changed the public consciousness of sexual harassment which, in turn, shaped the way that the majority treats the (historically disempowered) minority. Just as the Civil Rights movement helped all minorities, not just African-Americans, so too Hill helped all those harassed by their insensate bosses.


ptjew said...

I disagree. She (Hill) did crap. She was a) used by the left and b) a liar because c) nothing was proved.

Sure OJ was guilty and had good lawyers but come on.

JC said...

I disagree PT with your assessment, but even if you're right, it was still a brave act (unless you consider her a liar/opportunist, then we have a *lot* to argue about).