Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UFO Thoughts

People ask why UFO sightings always seem to occur in America's heartland. A few thoughts:
  1. Other places see them too, see map (from here)

  2. In the old days, people called weird/scary phenomena them dragons, in modern societies they're updated technologically to UFOs. Same thing.

  3. The areas of UFO sightings are often near military bases where the experimental aircraft that most people call UFOs launch from.

  4. The rural areas have overhead electrical towers - as opposed to dense urban areas - which also lead to people thinking there's UFOs (basically the wires reflect a car's headlights and it appears to be a rapidly ascending-descending light that keeps pace with your average hillbilly pickup, yet disappears as soon as you stop to investigate).

  5. Urban areas have more to do than stare into space while tweaking on axle-grease moonshine.
More anon.

Backpost finished on 2009-11-30. Basically I had the whole post but the map.

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