Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl: The Winning Touchdown

[Video Fixed]

It's hard to explain how nerve-racking this moment was. Just look at the clock: 43 seconds left... Steelers are down by 3 against the team with the best offense in football. No timeouts. It's now or never; it's now or the Steelers lose to a pack of very talented underdogs with a sad-sack to riches Quarterback. But the Steelers are the blue-collar nobility of America; a team of racial equality and meritocracy. The tension is enormous.

Big Ben Roethlisberger gets the snap, fades back, he's surrounded by Cardinal defensive-men, he peers out of the pocket and bullets the ball to the end zone where WR Santonio Holmes reaches over the heads of 3 Cardinals, standing on his tiptoes he manages to snag the ball, hold on, and keep his feet in the end-zone while falling and getting tackled by three men. Touchdown.

It wasn't over after the TD; the Steelers needed to shut down the cruel Cardinal offense and in another heart-stopping moment they managed to sack the QB in the last seconds of play, winning the game.

Many articles have been saying that it was the most exciting Superbowl in history. I believe them.

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