Monday, November 20, 2006

Michael Richards Meltdown

I just saw the clip of Michael Richards' horrible screaming meltdown. I stopped watching after 40 seconds because my face started burning with embarrassment. It teaches a bunch of lessons:

1. Richards may be a closet racist (the lynching line is most telling, not the n-word) and that's what a scared racist looks like - which explains all those lynching as well. His reaction was so violent! I wish I could have seen what he was reacting to.

2. If Richards is not a closet racist - and he may not be - then this just shows you that they're right about stand-up being the most frightening of all entertainment. It's just you trying to make people laugh and when you're not good at it, and when you used to be famous for making people laugh, and when people embarrass you by heckling that you're not funny, then Richards' response was the reaction of someone literally scared almost to death. His screams are the screams of a man falling off a bridge. He's that terrified.

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