Monday, November 20, 2006

Gergen is a Liar

David Gergen, adviser to Clinton and 3 other presidents, was interviewed by Foreign Policy about the Midterm elections. And he's a big fat liar.

Oh, I know, why should I expect otherwise from a James Baker style political killer? But it's just good to know that I have proof, that's all.

Here are two doozies (after I read the second one I stopped reading the article because I have always felt that reading idiocy actually physically makes you dumber)

1. "The Republicans ran on a platform of saying they wanted to adjust course in Iraq, but they didn’t say how"

They did? You mean the fact that 3 weeks before the election Bush stopped saying "stay the course" suddenly makes that a platform?? This lie also tips us off that Gergen is currently being paid by the GOP.

2. "What we are seeing in Iraq is not a replay of the Vietnam Syndrome. Rather, it’s a sense that we are engaged in a conflict without an obvious end in sight and [that] things are getting worse. The Vietnam Syndrome argued that we should not commit force again unless our vital interests are clearly at stake. But in Iraq, we did commit our troops to conflict without a clear national interest at stake. It was a war of discretion and yet, the American people supported it." (Emphasis mine)

Yes. Gergie actually said that the American people went along with Iraq despite their feeling it was not vital to our interests. I do agree with DG that anyone who had an iota of sense knew that Bush was lying back in 2003, but the American public supported the war (and the GOP was wholeheartedly claiming up until November 7th) because they felt that Saddam was a DIRECT THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES. Saddam had WMDs, he bought yellow-cake from Niger through Valerie Plame's dentist (or something to that effect), Saddam funded terrorists and may actually have been the real mastermind behind 9/11 (at least according to Tricky Dick Cheney).

So, David Gergen is either stupid (which we know he's not), or lying like a paid political operative. Harumph.

My advice? Don't read anything the dude says in the future - it'll be just like hitting your head with a dumb-hammer.

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Special Ed said...

but at least people who get hit with a dumb hammer might be able to claim their stupidity as not being their fault. It could perhaps be blamed on a University or the like which swings the hammer :)