Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Spirit as a Movie

I saw this headline the other day and I got scared and angry (scangry?) - "Spirit" comic comes to life on big screen. Despite my strong attraction to the film medium, I am enough of a bright-eyed connoisseur to recognize that things I love in one medium will 99% of the time be trashed by the inept maroons of Hollywood.

Don't believe me? Explain how Robert Heinlin's best book, Starship Troopers, was turned into thick bovine crud.

The Spirit (or I should say, The Spirit), is one of my favorite comic book heroes, created by the best comic artist ever - and the single greatest influence on my art - Will Eisner.

The idea that Hollywood anii would befoul my favorite funnybook character is too much to bear. But then I read the story: "The movie will be adapted and directed by Frank Miller."


Not only is that not bad news, it's good. If Will Eisner is number one on the funnybook list, Frank Miller is number two. And my man Robert Rodriguez may have taught him a few things from their collaboration on "Sin City." The feared warp of the universe has been repaired.

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