Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel's Nobility

It was a terrible day for Israel - 8 soldiers killed by ambush. According to Haaretz (whose editors are not apologists or propagandists for the government, as you know) about today's deaths in Bint Jbail :

...officers in the Golani and Paratroops Brigades charged that the IDF employed insufficient force before the soldiers were deployed to search the homes. They said that once the civilians had been told to leave the town, the army should have regarded Bint Jbail as a battlefield and destroyed any home where Hezbollah guerrillas were suspected of hiding.
Military sources claimed Wednesday that the IDF's current tactics are having an insufficient impact on the Katyusha rocket launchers and expose the soldiers to excessive danger. The criticism was mostly aimed at the decision not to employ large ground forces in Lebanon, which would give the IDF a significant advantages over a guerrilla force.
The sources also criticized what they described as insufficient utilization of aircraft in ground support operations, because of concerns that they might kill Lebanese civilians that did not evacuate target areas.

Israeli soldiers die so civilians don't.

It's not even that Israel has the most moral army in the world (it is) - because I assume all armies of Democratic countries minimize civilian casualties.

It's just that Israel is accused of war crimes for targeting civilians... while soldiers are dying to protect the very same civilians...

The Juan Coles of the world perpetuate a libel, this blood libel, against Israel.

A modified version of this post was emailed to the TPM in response to the Juan Cole post; Marshall wrote back to me saying that he agrees. Which means that, yet again, Marshall demonstrates he is a thinking Leftist

Late Update: Here are the obituaries

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