Saturday, July 29, 2006

NYTimes Endorses Lamont

Yup. Seriously. You would think that the newspaper who financed Judith Miller and the lies about Iraq, might not be so supercilious about Lieberman. But I guess Lieberman is too pro-Israel to receive an endorsement.

Late Addition:
Here's a letter I sent into the TPM (who's making a whoop-de-doo about the NYTimes endorsement, grrrr)

I too find the NYTimes endorsement of Lieberman significant. I decided to check out, though, the Connecticut newspapers.

First the "Hartford Courant", the largest CT daily, endorses Lieberman. So
does the "Connecticut Post" (Bridgeport)

The Stamford Advocate says they will provide endorsements, but just not yet...

Most of CT newspapers don't seem to have specific websites (its all very strange) and all link to the Courant piece from the AP.

The two Democratic House members (Rosa DeLauro and John B. Larson) endorse Lieberman as well

You can see Lieberman's endorsement page here.

I think this issue holds an important angle. For the non-Connecticut crowd, the New York Times is huge. For Connecticut, especially the poor part, the local newspapers may carry more sway.

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