Friday, November 07, 2008

Post Election Thoughts, part 6

  1. Did Palin Know About Africa, NAFTA?

  2. Martin Peretz has a good post: Political Consequences Of An Obama Victory

  3. Reiterating my point about the Obama Presidency's ease: most of the current problems have been CAUSED, they didn't just "happen." True, it's easier to bomb a building than to build one, and Bush has bombed the hell out of the world (literal ones in Iraq, figurative ones on Wall Street), so Obama's toil will be in rebuilding. But here's the simple, all-points plan for the major problems: (1) Iraq, (2) Justice, (3) Healthcare, (4) Economy = once we end Iraq, and enact Healthcare, huge drains on the economy will cease.

  4. Another example of Krauthammer the Ass, from Sullivan.
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