Sunday, November 02, 2008

Miscellaneous from My Files, part 1

I'm dedicating today to writing & blogging so here's some stuff from my unsorted inbox, basically brief links/commentaries:
  1. Sept 9 2008; from Huffy herself, inventing a great image, Sarah Palin as a Trojan Moose.

  2. Sept 10 2008; Why Obama will actually beat the poll numbers, because of his incredible ground game. And see here.

  3. From the Atlantic, the GOP dirty trick machine of 2004.

  4. Sept 11 2008, from the NYTimes, about vote suppression/dirty tricks in 2008 Mississippi.

  5. Sept 10 2008, from McClatchy [the best single news organization in the world, IMHO], about how the U.S. is in similar danger from al Qaida in 2008 as we were in 2001.

  6. Sept 11 2008, the Washpost describing an underhanded smearing tactic by McCain.

  7. From Salon, how CBS capitulated in 2004 and did not show a documentary about the Bush Administration lies about the Iraq War.

  8. Sept 13 2008, from Digby, more about voter suppression.

  9. Good New Yorker humor about Palin.

  10. Excellent piece by Ezra Klein about the problem with political reporting. Shorter EK: "I think one aspect of the modern press that doesn't get enough attention -- either among folks in the media or folks critiquing it -- is the transition from the fundamental scarcity being information to information being in abundance and the fundamental scarcity being mediation." It's especially sweet because his target is the fatuous Marc Ambinder - who over this election season has been twisting himself into pretzels to be 'even-handed' first with Hillary and now with McCain. His only value comes from his stature allowing him to receive equal opportunity leaks from all camps. Otherwise, he's a dolt.

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