Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Try to Be Funny

As I've mentioned before, I read dozens of daily poltiical cartoons (they come to my e-mailbox as a paid service from There's a trend I've noticed where political cartoonists basically use their space to write a joke. Which is entirely not what their job description demands. There are 'funny' cartoons and then political cartoons. To mix the two basically makes for a waste of space. Poltiical cartoonists have a serious, and consequential job (only slightly taken over by the late night talk show hosts, no kidding).

Anyway, this is an example from Bruce Beattie from a few weeks ago that just broke the camels back [click to enlarge]

What is his point? It's not even funny. It's stupid. And considering the dire situation the US is in, and the need to galvanize the electorate, why choose a stale joke-like-substance?

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