Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hillary's Overkill

Something that I've remarked before, that Hillary's counter-attacks on her enemies have been "disproportionate" (to use a fun Lebanon loaded term). When Edwards, Obama, Dodd et al attack one of her policies, she (or her Campaign Team) launches into an over-the-top retaliation. E.g. Edwards says she's not answering a yes/no question with either a yes or a no and she calls him a mud-slinging Republican wannabe.

Well, it appears that the overkill is part of her style; it explains many of the failures of the Clinton Admin; and while over-aggression may work for the GOP, it's not good for Democrats.

A narrative about Hillary's overkill - and what we should expect to see in the next 4 weeks before Iowa's caucus, is her from CQ Politics.

{2009 Update: Pic of Marvel's Overkill, from here.}

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