Sunday, December 23, 2007

Broder: Obama Finds His Address

Herr 'Dean' of the DC Press Pundits, David 'Hacky McHackhack' Broder, is a walking catalog of inside the beltway conventional wisdom. He's self-proclaimingly cyncial and hard-bitten, which means that he's living out a stereotyped delusion of the journalist as hero. In this recent piece, however, even he acknoweldges the power of Obama's orotory (albeit with backhand swipes every step of the way): Obama Finds His Address:
"And then, as the shouting becomes almost too loud to bear, he adds the five words that capsulize his whole message and sends the voters scrambling back into their winter coats and streaming out the door: 'Let's go change the world,' Obama says. And it sounds as if he means it.

In every audience I have seen, there is a jolt of pure electric energy at those closing words. Tears stain some cheeks -- and some people look a little thunderstruck."
We'll see if he's right.

Backpost finished on 2009-11-29. Been holding onto this for a while, not sure why.

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