Friday, December 14, 2007

Edwards Stronger Than Is Often Reported

John Edwards is (still) a strong presence in Iowa. It must be remembered that pretty much only reporters and political junkies have been following the candidates closely up until Thanksgiving. After T-giving, and really only for the few weeks before any of the people line up to vote, do the vast majority of voters actually pay attention.

Hence why Hillary's front-runner status was probably just the moonlight echo of her husband's sun. But when people are taking a closer look they see the shrill butcher than we political obsessives have seen all along.

See here one informed Iowan's take on the current state of the Iowa race. Basically: Obama #1, Edwards #2, Hillary #3 and falling.

And the following clip (true, it's from Fox, but its of a focus group of Iowa Democrats), who say that Edwards won the most recent (and last) debate.

If Hillary gets third in Iowa then her only reason for candidacy - electability - will be destroyed. And if Obama comes first then the main fear about him - inelectability - will also disappear.

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