Monday, November 12, 2007

One more thought about Yigal Amir

A recent blog entry by one of my favorite reads (The Reality-Based Community) brings up the issue of Yigal Amir and conjugal visits.

As I wrote about below, I find the entire concept that the Chief Rabbinate would allow this shkutz Mechalel Hashem to marry is unconscionable. Then, over the weekend, I read Rabbi Student's Hirhurim article that says the "Gadol Hador" has claimed that a conversion done by a rabbi who believes the world is more than 5768 years old is invalid.

Combine this naarashkeit with the concerted program of the Chief Rabbinate to up-end and devalue the American Orthodox Rabbinate - to ruin our conversions, to challenge our identity as Torah-True Jews, and then add onto it the Chief Rabbinate's denigration of their predecessors' Heter Mechira... and then realize that these are the same people that allowed a marriage for Yigal Amir.

I say that Yigal Amir should be in cherem. Instead, the Chief Rabbinate says he's fine to marry but people from my conversions can't.

2009 Update: A video of the interrogation of Amir. The video and the pic from here.

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