Monday, November 12, 2007

One Mean Lady

So it's come out that Hillary Clinton has been planting people in her crowds to ask her soft-friendly questions. Pretty scummy and precisely what Bush & Co. has been doing. And who has the guts to bring Hillary to task? My man Edwards. And what's Hillary's response? A smear:
Clinton Aides Prompted Queries at Events - New York Times: "One of Mrs. Clinton’s opponents in the Democratic presidential race, Mr. Edwards, used the incident to chide her, telling reporters yesterday that voters at campaign events “expect you to stand in front of them and answer their hard questions, and they expect it to be an honest process.”

“What George Bush does is plant questions and exclude people from events, and I don’t think that’s what Democrats want to see,” Mr. Edwards said in Iowa.

In response, Mr. Elleithee said: "Senator Clinton has taken hundreds of questions here in Iowa and across the country from voters and reporters, and she will continue to. What George Bush does is attack the Democrats and divide the country, and John Edwards’s campaign is resembling that more and more every day.”"
To review: Hillary does something scummy, Edwards tells people it's scummy and Hillary responds by claiming Edwards is the bad guy.

And yet she's the front-runner. Stop her, you Iowa freaks! Stop her now!

{2009 Update: Pic from here.}

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