Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chilul Hashem Alert: Yigal Amir Edition

What are the odds... that the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin would: (a) still be alive, (b) would be allowed to marry, (c) would be allowed to have children with his wife, (d) would have a son, (e) whose birth would be 8 days before the (secular) anniversary of his father's despicable act. Put another way: Yigal Amir's is celebrating a bris on Rabin's (secular) yahrzeit.

I may puke.

Just to remind people: Yigal Amir committed an act of cold-blooded murder in a manner that has created a chilul Hashem that will last for centuries. The murder has been cited by any number of self-hating Jews for their anti-Orthodox animus (cf. Noah Feldman, Ariel Toaff, etc.)

I've said many times: Amir should be considered in cherem, a "dead man walking." The fact that the Chief Rabbinate has allowed him to marry is yet another sign of their bankruptcy.

{2009 Update: Image of the bris from here.}

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