Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kinsley Agrees With Me

A very good op-ed in the Post by Michael Kinsley, about experience, life experience, Obama and Hillary. I'd quote bits, but really the whole thing is gold.

Kinsley is an odd duck; I find that he's either wholly right or wholly wrong. But people like that are valuable to me because it's easy to tell when it's the one or the other.

He is now supporting Obama. I'm still with Edwards, mainly because the model Edwards represents is the 1940s-60s Democrat (economic populist, out to help the little guy, pro-Labor, culturally moderate and a foreign policy hawk). I'd choose Obama over Hillary in a heartbeat but I'm still worried that Obama's attitude of "Change the System" and "I'm Smart, Reverent and Thrifty so I'll Be a Good President" sounds way too much like the dreaded Carter campaign of 1975.

But, still, ANYBODY BUT HILLARY. Please, please, please.

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