Thursday, November 08, 2007

If All Else Failes, Edwards v. Dole

There's a good website out there called "Campaign Diaries" that is bringing up a lot of details about the races in all 50 states. In his post-October set of Senate race rankings, he places North Carolina at #11.
11. North Carolina (Incumbent: Elizabeth Dole; Last Ranking: 12)

North Carolina has turned out to be quite a frustrating race for Democrats. They are convinced that Dole is vulnerable, and polls have shown she would be an underdog if Governor Easley ran against her. But he is not, and neither are any of the state's (numerous) Democratic heavyweights. After many more developments in October, Democrats now have two candidates: state Senator Kay Hagan and investment banker Jim Neal. Neither makes the race automatically competitive, but Dole consistently polls under 50% and this could get tight if the DSCC commits to the race.
My feelings is that if Dole is vulnerable and if Edwards can't get the nomination, maybe he'll go back to being a senator.

{2009 Update: It's sad to see all my enthusiasm over Edwards, the slime-bucket. Anyway, the pic is a map of Hawaii from 1937 drawn by Parker Edwards for the Dole Company; hence it is the Edwards-Dole map. No kidding.}

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