Monday, January 12, 2009

M.J. Rosenberg's True Colors

For a while, TPM has had M.J. Rosenberg as the de-facto official voice of American Jewish opinion about Israel. I've long felt that MJR is a complete tool and a self-hater. Finally here's some clear proof that he's not a friend of ours:
Well, here's one that is decidedly NOT good for the Jews. Franken and Coleman, both Jewish, come together in support of Israel's Gaza war.

They hate each other. They agree on nothing. One is a Mideast hawk. One is a dove.

But when it comes to Israel and its Gaza war, they join hands and sing Kumbaya, I mean Hava Nagila.
It's breathtaking how he has full confidence that the Gaza War is so evil that it's just 'crazy' to support it, and his full knowledge of Judaism is properly summed up by an invocation of 'Hava Na-Frickin-Gila.'

For a decent response, here's some dude on the Volkh Conspiracy.

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