Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Book Widget

One thing I would love to design for online use: a book widget where I could enter in a set of ISBN numbers and the widget would search out where to buy them all at the cheapest prices - taking into account the different shipping policies of different sites. Some places have free shipping (like here, yay!) and most have discounts for multiple purchases from the same shipper. When I learn to program, this is the first project.


ptjew said...

"...When I learn to program..."

What? Are you like Rabbi Akiva? The 40 year old illeterate Rabbi decides to become a programmer.

Note illeterate as in computer programming illeterate, hopefully not to offend here.

JC said...

I assume that when my kids start taking up programming (which I will strongly encourage) then I will try to read along. It's too useful a skill not to have. I taught myself the incredibly simple HTML, and I know C++ and others will be more difficult, but it's nice to be marginally literate on this computated planet.