Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maintenance and Labels, Part 1

I've been spending time fixing the formatting of early posts as well as updating and tightening the labels. I'll provide below a key to what certain labels mean. Note, I haven't included the self-evident ones (American Politics), or those that deal with specific events that can be understood by looking at the content (attorney scandal); the following are the idiosyncratic 'codes' that I choose to organize abstract themes:
  • Personal Titles (Herr, Citizen, Comrade) = Herr is a title for evil politicians (and the appropriate gender specifics, e.g. Herr Cheney, Frau Coulter); Citizen for good guys (for the most part; I'm being generous by including Krugman here); Comrade for bad leftists (e.g. Ralph Nader).

  • humor/comedy = a distinction I make but a blurry one nonetheless... 'humor' is something funny and 'comedy' is the category of things that are humorous, e.g. a joke is humor but analyzing jokes is comedy (or the profession of humor is 'comedy'). Sadly, these definitions are subject to change.

  • ethics/morality = another blurry distinction, but following the same pattern as humor/comedy; 'ethics' are the rules of good behavior and the general hierarchy of value, 'morality' the study of and/or the application of those rules. This definition is also subject to change.

  • Shotgunning Puppies = a reference to a particular type of Right Wing evil, where it's not enough to refuse aid to the unfortunate, but one must hurt them as well. This is particularly true for downright evildoers like Karl Rove & Dick Cheney

  • Monkeys in clown suits = sometimes I'm referring to literal monkeys in literal suits, but other times it references the lowest form of fool.

  • Bellyaching = my whining (or 'whinging' as the Brits call it, for no discernible reason)
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