Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gang of Clowns

The picture to the left, by Annie Lebowitz, is from December 2001 and features the gang of clowns that nearly destroyed the country in their illicit time in office - from the 5-4 vote that put them in, to the attorney purges that reelected them in '04.

This picture accompanies an article that many have described as one of the best retrospectives yet of what these murderous clowns did: "An Oral History of the Bush White House" by Cullen Murphy and Todd S. Purdum in Vanity Fair.

I haven't read it yet (30 printer pages!) but it should be smack in the head.


ptjew said...

The picture is on the right. Are you really grouping Colin Powell in the group. Nice new colors. Have you seen the Hallmark movie Loving Leah? I write about it on my blog.

JC said...

While Powell is definitely the best of that group of clowns, he is still guilty of helping/abetting Bush. If Powell broke from Bush before 2004 - esp. knowing what he seemed to know - then I'd give him a break.