Sunday, October 13, 2013

Steelers Notes, Bye Week, Pre-Jets

The moment of truth is today at 1pm, Steelers vs. Jets in my new home state of Jersey.   If we lose today, then the roof has caved in.  Maybe.  Ya see, the reason why I haven't utterly given up hope is because I think we're a decent team that has been snakebitten (see previous entries). Compare to last year's Chiefs & Browns, that we are better than our record, but because of the way the game is played, the breaks don't go our way. 

The basic problems, to recap, have been (a) starting the year with injuries, (b) starting the year with green-horn rookies, especially on Defense, which is legendary for not being amenable to rookies.

Each week, there's a different reason why we've lost, but it comes down to those 2 things, the offense's injuries and the defenses soft middle.  And every week, we seem to be giving evidence that we will break out of those problems.

So today is the proof of the pudding; barring any injuries, or any obvious fluke (like bad calls, which we've gotten BTW) if we lose today then it means that we actually aren't good enough to break 500.

If we lose today and I still see signs that we've been improving, or we've suffered the snake-bites like the now undefeated Chiefs back in 2012, then I may maintain some optimism.  

But I do believe we will lose today because despite having a HoF QB, and HoF safety, and many pro-bowlers, our 2 weakest areas are lethal: left tackle, inside linebacker.

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